CFL #484

CrossFit Lackland – CROSSFIT

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*Coaches Choice – 5 min

*You have 40 min to complete the Front Squat and Push Press. This will leave you 10 min to complete the METCON. If you finish the FS/PP early you can start the METCON.

Strength Phase

Front Squat (Find 1 RM)

Push Press (Find 1 RM)


30 Muscle-Ups (Time)

30 muscle-ups for time
*If you can’t do Ring Muscle-Ups then do the Pull-Up/Ring Dip WOD

120 Pull-ups/120 Ring Dips for Time (Time)

120 Pull-Ups (L3), 60 Pull-Ups (L2), 60 Ring Rows (L1)

120 Ring Dips (L3), 60 Ring Dips (L2), 60 Box Dips (L1)

*Break reps 5/5

Competition Training

*Please see a coach