CFL #613

CrossFit Lackland – CROSSFIT

Are you REFINED BY ADVERSITY in your life or DEFINED BY ADVERSITY you face.
Embrace even run to the adversity and challenges in our lives. In our opinion, adversity builds value and character into our lives.
Until we experience heartache, disappointment, and pain, we are not properly equipped for service.

1. What adversity have you faced in the past now that is building value and character into your life?
2. What adversity are you facing now that is building value and character into your life?

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10 min AMRAP of:

2:00 AAB or C2

10 DB Single Arm Strict Press (each arm)

20 Walking Lunge Steps

Legendary Abs (LA) (No Measure)

15 HFL Lying Leg Thrusts (M)

15 1/4 Sit-Ups (S)

10 Sec Rest

10 HFL Lying Leg Thrusts (M)

20 1/4 Sit-Ups (M)

Slow: (S) 2 second pause at top

Med: (M) 1 Second pause at top

Fast: (F) Complete movement as fast as possible


Metcon (Time)

6 RFT of:

18/15 Cal Assault Bike (L4/3), 15/12 (L2), 12/9 (L1/9 Clean and Jerk, 185/125 lbs (L4), 135/95 lbs (L3), 95/65 lbs (L2), 65/45 lbs (L1), 55/35 lbs (3 Rope Climb (L4/3), 2 Reps (L2), 1 Rep (L1), 6 Rope Get-Ups (

Additional Work (On Your Own After Class)

Metcon (Time)

For Time of:

3 rounds

25 Push Press, 95/65 lbs

100’ FR Walking Lunge, 95/65 lbs

Rest 5:00

3 rounds

15 Push Press, 135/95 lbs

100’ FR Walking Lunge, 135/95 lbs