CFL #706

CrossFit Lackland – CROSSFIT

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Crossover Symmetry Activation or 5 min of PVC Shoulder Mobility


2 Rounds of

10 DB Single Arm Strict Press (R/L)

10 DB Single Leg RDL (R/L)

20 Alt Leg V-Ups

10 PVC OHS (2 sec pause in the bottom)

Olympic Lifting

Squat Snatch (20 min working up to working weight for Metcon)

*Post heaviest weight achieved


Metcon (Time)

For Time of:


Strict HSPU’s (L4), HSPU’s (L3), 1/2 Wall Walks (L2), 1/3 Wall Walks (L1), Seated DB Press (12-10-8

Squat Snatch, 165/115 lbs (L4), 135/95 lbs (L3), 95/65 lbs (L2), 65/45 lbs (L1), Power Snatch, 65/45 lbs (