CFL #893

CrossFit Lackland – CROSSFIT

This Saturday is the day to see how your success during the Nutrition Challenge. Scans will start at 10 am. We will also discuss what we did, how we did it, and the good and bad.

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3 rounds:

1:00 AAB

1:00 Row

18 plate hops

15 shoulder taps in HS Hold

12 Deep Lunges with 5 sec pause at bottome

9 Single Arm Russian KB Swing R/L (moderate/heavy)

Strength Phase

Front Squat (Build to Heavy set of 5 reps)

Build to Heavy 5

*Stop before form breaks down

*Today’s heavy 5 will probably be somewhat lighter due to yesterday (Try to get 75%+)

Front Squat (5×5 @80% of Heavy Set of 5)


Metcon (Time)

3 RFT of:

5 Rope Climbs (L4), 4 Reps (L3), 3 Reps (L2), 2 Reps (L1), 10 Rope Get-Ups (10 Devils Press, 50/35 lbs (L4), 40/25 lbs (L3), 30/15 lbs (L2), 20/10 lbs (L1/