CFL #1087

CrossFit Lackland – CROSSFIT

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Movement Prep

3 Rounds

300m Row

10 Hanging Scap Retraction

15 Air Squat

25′ Sled Push (empty sled)

50 Single Under


Jump the Midline (Time)

Partner Workout

400m Run (together)

200m Sled Push, 3×55/3×35 lbs (L4), 2×55/2×35 (L3), 1×55/1×35 lbs (L2/1/25 Rope Climbs (L4), 22 (L3), 19 (L2), 16 (L1), 75 Rope Get-Ups (400m (together)


Target Time: sub 15 minutes

Time Cap: 20 minutes


This workout will target our midline, cardiovascular system and grip!


Run: Hold a steady 70-75% effort on the first run and 80-85% effort on the second

*Sled Push: Use a moderate/heavy weight you can consistently walk 50′ at without having to stop

*Rope Climbs: We recommend 3-4/partner per rotation. Get the jump and high feet on pulls to save your shoulders
-Rest til 30:00 then complete Toe Balls-

Toe Balls (Time)

Partner Workout

50/40 Calorie AAB/Row (L4), 40/30 (L3), 30/20 (L2/L1/200 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs (L3/2), 14/10 lbs (L1/200 Toes to bar (L4), 150 (L3), 100 (L2), 200 knee-Ups (L1), 200 AbMat Sit-Ups (*AAB/Row (1 partner on each machine. Pick a machine and stay on it. Don’t do both)

*Both partners working at each station, switch as desired to complete reps


Target Time: sub 13 minutes

Time Cap: 18 minutes


We want to see our capacity on wall balls and toes to bar under fatigue!


Row/Bike: Aim to come out at 75-80% intensity and settle into a pace

Wall Balls: Aim to hit 20-30 per set

Toes to bar: Aim to hit as many as you can handle during your partners wall ball set. Go for 2-3 bigger sets to start.


The Scaling aim is to get near target time