CFL #1090

CrossFit Lackland – CROSSFIT

*Please don’t forget this Saturday, 24 Oct 2020 at 1030am, Melody and Steve from The Tactical Kitchen ( will be coming out to provide a nutrition class for all those that would like to attend. Even if you are not doing the Nutrition Challenge, we highly recommend you go….even if you have gone before. The information is invaluable….and free!

Date: 24 Oct 2020
Time: 1030 am

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ROMWOD (22 min)

Skill Work

5 min:

Go over each movement and complete 5 reps of each at working weight.

Must Start WOD NLT :35 min into class


Doomsday (Time)

5 Sets for Time (1 Set Every 5 minutes):

15 Chest to bar pull ups (L4), Pull-Ups (L3), 12 PU’s (L2), 9 PU’s (L1), 9 Ass’d Pull-UPs….pick a band you have to break up in 2-3 sets..not 1 or 4! (15/12 Calorie Assault Bike

15 Wall Balls, 30/20 lbs @ 10/9′ (L4), @ 9/8′ (L3), 20/14 @ 10/9′ (L2), @ 9/8′ (L1), 14/10 lbs @ 9/8′ (15 Burpees to bar (L4/3), 12 (L2), 9 (L1), 6 (Target Time each set: 3 minutes

Time Cap each set: 4 minutes


These set intervals should be at a blistering pace as the rep count is relatively low for each movement and there is enough built in rest

Look to hold bigger unbroken sets and transition quickly from movement to movement.


Chest to bar pull ups: these should be smooth and unbroken most, if not all rounds. Work on an efficient butterfly and let your chest brush the bar as you fall through each rep.

Assault bike: Let’s get moving on this and hammer down for a fast set of calories! Try to finish them in under 45 seconds

Wall Balls: The heavy wall ball is tough, but the rep count is low enough that we should stay unbroken throughout! Use big hips out of the squat to minimize the push needed for our arms.

Burpees to bar: This is all about staying moving and not stopping. You can always do 1 more burpee before you need to rest! Try to use a bar about 6″ outside of your max standing reach.