04 Mar 2021

CrossFit Lackland – CROSSFIT

Today we are starting a 5 week Snatch Program. So get ready to have some fun.

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Olympic Lifting

Squat Snatch (35 min to find 1 RM)

Athletes have free reign to warm up, and find 1 rm snatch without much coaching at all. This will provide the coach the opportunity to watch athletes movement, and video each athlete and pick out what each athlete needs to work on through the next 5 weeks.

Focus of the Day

Last 20 minutes of class:

If you need more time to find 1 RM, then go for it. If you have found your 1RM— take the rest of the time and focus on light OHS with pause. Shoulder mobility. Hips. stacking of the weight. Knee movement. How you holds the weight overhead. etc.